Design Ideas Invitation Event

    Design Ideas Invitation Event

    Design Idea Invitation Event “My Vision of Cross Bay Link” was launched in July 2009 during Stage 1 of the public engagement exercise. Public ideas and concepts of the bridge design had been taken into consideration in developing 6 design options for the Cross Bay Link. The proposed Six Design Options were:

    Option 1 : The Bow

    Option 2 : Link with Wings

    Option 3 : The Sail

    Option 4 : Alliance Bridge

    Option 5 : Eternity Arch

    Option 6 : The Gateway

    The proposed Six Design Options

    Public Exhibitions of the 6 Design Options and Preference Survey

    As one of the criteria to determine the preferred option, we completed the Stage 2 Public Engagement Activities, including collection of the option ratings from District Council members, exhibitions and Public Preference Survey, to gauge the public preference on the 6 Design Options. We received 26 rating forms from District Council members and 3,047 survey forms from the public in total.

    Through detailed analysis and technical assessments, “Eternity Arch” is concluded as the overall most outstanding design under the evaluation criteria. It has received the highest performance grade in terms of aesthetics, rating by Sai Kung District Council and public preference survey. In addition, its performances in the viability to build and operate are within acceptable levels and are neck and neck with other options. With reference to the findings of technical assessments, result of the preference survey and public views collected, the most popular option, “Eternity Arch”, was chosen as the preferred option for the Cross Bay Link and support from Sai Kung District Council was solicited in the meeting held on 6 July 2010.

    Brief Description of Eternity Arch

    The concept for the Eternity Arch is to create an object with a strong symbolic identity. The symbol of infinity is a well known expression of eternity or never-ending, like the proposed cycle track around Junk Bay, but also of the imagination of the vision for Tseung Kwan O New Town. The cables attaching the deck to the arch will be invisible to distant observers, therefore the arch leaps across the channel with an energetic movement frozen in time, which reinforces the concept of eternity.

    Design Options
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