Design Features

    Eternity Arch

    Eternity Arch The Eternity Arch adopts a "single corridor" configuration, which means that the 34.3m-wide deck with a two-lane highway carriageway, a 4m-wide cycle track and a 3.5m-wide footpath, sails between the leaning arches as if not touching. The inclined arch concept is visually expressed with arches that reach a modest height of 70m.

    The concept for the Eternity Arch is to create an object with a strong symbolic identity. The symbol of infinity is a well known expression of eternity or never-ending, like the proposed cycle track around Junk Bay, but also of the imagination of the vision for Tseung Kwan O New Town. The cables attaching the deck to the arch will be invisible to distant observers, therefore the arch leaps across the channel with an energetic movement frozen in time, which reinforces the concept of eternity.

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    Last Review Date: May 2015
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